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abc_icons's Journal

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abc_icons: an icon challenge from A to Z
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Welcome to ABC_icons.

This community is only for advanced/semi-advanced icon makers.
Like the 100of communities, you sign up for a subject (fandom/couple/musician/etc). There's no limit to what your subject can be. Then you make 26 icons, one for each letter of the alphabet and that's it.



01. Join the community. You must be a member to participate!

02. Submit a claim for your subject of choice at this post and then wait to be approved. The claim MUST include three sample icons from the set you will make in full by the end of the claim period.

03. Once approved, you will be given posting access and you may then begin to make the rest of the icons of your subject. Do NOT post your icons unitl you have ALL 26 completed!

04. After you have completed the challenge successfully, comment at The Cubby Hole so that we can make that subject available again.

[x] You must be at least a semi-advanced icon maker. If you are just beginning or if you use MS Paint as your graphics program, this is NOT the community for you! Sorry.

[x] All genres and subjects are allowed here! i.e. movies, tv, music, video games, actors, couples/ships, a particular season or episode of a show, etc

[x] Each subject may only be claimed by one person at any given time; however, if someone claims Veronica Mars (general), you may still claim a certain character or even episode of VM. You are allowed a span of 3 weeks to complete the 26 icons for your subject, though it'd be nice if you finish them sooner than that.

[x] Each person may claim up to two subjects at a time, but the subjects have to come from a different fandom. Additionally, you'll have the same amount of time to complete your icons. So if you've applied for 2 subjects at once, you will still have 3 weeks to complete the 2 sets.

[x] All 26 icons must contain your subject & the corresponding letter in them. Your icon can include other characters as long as your subject is in the icon as well. You must have an icon for each letter of the alphabet.

[x] You must post all 26 icons at the same time, not in batches. You must also label them by letter not number (A-Z not 1-26). Please put your icons behind a cut! You are allowed to preview up to 3 icons outside of the cut. And before you ask, yes... you're allowed to do fake cuts if you wish.

[x] If your icon contains questionable rating content, that's fine with us! Please respect other members of the community but putting such icons under a cut with a warning :)

[x] The goal: one icon for each letter of the alphabet. eg: 'V is for Vera (Firefly)', 'W is for Weevil (Veronica Mars)' You may also do things such as 'A is for anticipation' or 'L is for loyalty'. Now whether or not you choose to put the text 'A is for apple' on each icon or just say 'apple' is up to you. You can do either or both.

[x] When posting your icons to the community, please do it in this format:

Subject: (if it's a character, song, episode etc, please include what the subject is from)
Additonal Notes: (like credits, disclaimers, your rules of usage if someone wants to use your icons, etc.)

Any additional questions can be found in the FAQ. Also please feel free to ask any other questions you might have or any comments there as well!

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This is a community created by miss_sarac and detoxcocktails.

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